29. januar 2017


The Student Council HF consists of the elected student representatives at the Faculty of Humanities (HF) at NTNU in Trondheim.
The Council is made up of:

  • Four Faculty Representatives (Fakultetstillitsvalgt, FTV)
  • Department Representatives (Instituttillitsvalgt, ITV) from each department
  • Certain Programme Representatives (Programtillitsvalgt, PTV) from interdisciplinary programmes

The Student Council processes cases and initiatives from the faculties, the Student Parliament and the Welfare Council, and ensures that students at HF are heard by these crucial decision makers. Our job is to protect the students’ interests; that means you can always direct questions and concerns regarding your daily life as a student, to us. Our office is centrally located in ‘Gata’ at Campus Dragvoll, and is manned every day by student representatives. You are welcome to visit our office at any time to air concerns or questions, or simply to have a chat and a cup of coffee. All elected student representatives at NTNU have signed a contract of confidentiality. This means we will not and cannot tell anyone else about what you speak to us about, unless you tell us to. If we do not have the answers you seek, or cannot help you directly with your problem(s), we know who can.

Our motto: No questions are too big, and none too small!


Student Democracy Hierarchy
The Student Councils are part of the student democracy at NTNU. Below is an illustration of how this democracy is structured.

Student democracy - Copy

Students may also directly contact their Programme (PTV), Department (ITV), or Faculty Representatives (FTV) with questions regarding their daily student life.