30. januar 2017

Contact us

The Student Council HF & SU have their own office in ‘Gata’ at campus Dragvoll (Building 2, level 3). The office is manned by department representatives and is open:

Monday 10.10 – 16.10
Tuesday 10.10 – 16.10
Wednesday 08.10 – 16.10
Thursday 10.10 – 16.10
Friday 10.10 – 15.00

You can reach us:

  • by e-mail: studentrad_hf-svt@studentrad.no
  • ktrvakt@gmail.com (for inquiries about banner, board or stands)
  • på telefon: +47 735 96741
  • Via our contact form
  • On facebook

Below you’ll find e-mail adresses for the various representatives. All student representatives are bound by confidentiality and cannot distribute confidential information without your approval.

Student Council HF

Department/Programme Common mailing lists for representatives
Faculty Repr. at HF ftv@hf.ntnu.no
Musicology studentrad_hf-musikk@org.ntnu.no
Languages & Litterature studentrad_hf-isl@org.ntnu.no
Historical Studies studentrad_hf-historie@org.ntnu.no
Philosophy & Religious studies studentrad_hf-ifr@org.ntnu.no
Art & Media studies studentrad_hf-ikm@org.ntnu.no
Interdisciplinary cultural studies studentrad_hf-kult@org.ntnu.no
Programme for european studies studentrad_hf-euro@org.ntnu.no
PLU HTV studentrad_hf-plu@org.ntnu.no

Student Council SU

Department/Programme Common mailing lists for representatives
Faculty Repr. at SU ftv@su.ntnu.no
Geography studentrad_svt-geo@org.ntnu.no
Social antropology studentrad_svt-sosant@org.ntnu.no
Social sciences in economics studentrad_svt-iso@org.ntnu.no
Sociology & political science studentrad_svt-iss@org.ntnu.no
Pedagogy/Education studentrad_svt-ped@org.ntnu.no
Department of Psychology studentrad_svt-psyk@org.ntnu.no
Social work & health science studentrad_svt-ish@org.ntnu.no
Programme for teacher education studentrad_svt-plu@org.ntnu.no
Adult’s learning & consultation studentrad_svt-ivr@org.ntnu.no
NOSEB studentrad_svt-noseb@org.ntnu.no